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Growing up in an isolated fishing village at the end of the world, Faerowyn endured years of suspicion, hatred and abuse from the rest of the community. Only Markus, a human boy, tried to be friends. On her sixteenth birthday, Faerowyn's mother died and now the half-elf was alone. Banished from her village, and with only Markus for company, she set out to find her heritage, following a trail left by her mysterious dark elf father when she had been born. She would have to find her way in a big world she was unready to face, and battle more persecution and discrimination before she was to find who she really was.

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Leaving the warrior school at Kaltinar, Faerowyn returns to the kingdom of Gorradan to find a new ruler in power, and her friend Captain Lace missing. Her special abilities are soon spotted by the new regime and she is recruited to help the royal army find the missing heir, presumed held in the forbidding Losingar Forest by rebels.

Faerowyn’s price is the freeing of Captain Lace but she soon finds that the king’s advisors, Capel and Theruddas, are playing a shadowy game of intrigue where nobody seems to be who they are, and she wonders whether Lace is alive or dead.

Once within Losingar, she discovers that friends are enemies and enemies are allies, and that betrayal could come at any time from any direction. She will have to call upon her special powers and her evil other self to pull her through the treacherous path she has been sent on if she is to succeed.

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Faer’s quest to find her father takes her back home to Selanic, where she finds the villagers still harbour hatred and fear of her.  But any dislike she has of digging up the past is nothing compared to the hostility of the white elves aboard the ship she has hired.

She discovers while she is there that her quest will take her back into the mountains of Kaltinar and the chance to renew her affair with the Blademaster, but then she must brave the horrors and terrors of Okra’s Tower to obtain the next clue as to her father’s whereabouts.

Given four senior students from the warrior school, she sets off to fulfil her wishes.  However, not only will she have to battle fearsome creatures within the tower and other magical traps and dangers, but also cope with the wishes of one of the group to see her dead no matter what.

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Having finally found the first of her father’s people, Faerowyn finds the dark elves trapped in the city of Selbis, unable to show themselves for fear of revealing the House of Owyn to their enemies. Faer soon realises that the ruling elite of Selbis is corrupt, sterile and oppressive, and decides to turn the simmering unrest amongst the populace in the isolated city-kingdom to her advantage.

She sees Selbis as the beginning of her campaign to return her House to the kingdom of Keria, but she only has six followers in a city of thousands. She knows she will have to divide and then set the competing factions in the city on one another in order to get the chance to take the throne herself.

And that means plunging the city into war.

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Having secured Selbis, Faer’Owyn, known as Queen Blade of Selbis, turns her attention outward to extend her power. Her father’s next message to her tells of the Owyn House’s selling of valuable family heirlooms to a group of Corsairs twenty years ago in return for securing passage away from Keria in the doomed civil war.

Faer, or Dark Blade as she is also known, must recover these heirlooms, but this means gaining access to the forbidding Black Island, the lair of the corsairs, and this is considered impossible. In desperation, she offers herself to the god of death, Di’tha, in return for knowledge of how to infiltrate the island undetected.

But information isn’t the only other problem she has. Selbis itself is under attack from monsters of the swamp surrounding it, and in addition to that, her proclamation as Empress of Narok has earned the enmity of the kingdoms to the south-west who were formerly subject to the now defunct empire. War with these kingdoms would seem to be inevitable.

So Faer must move quickly to gain the artefacts, but knowing how to get there means she will have to travel to the desert city of Thezalb, where women are slaves, and therefore she will have to make herself the play-thing of her former lover Henac and hope he stays faithful to her plans.

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Faer’Owyn’s authority as head of House Owyn is challenged by a traitor, the dark elf commanding a unit of elite archers. Therefore she has to travel to Butchok, the land of the dwarves, to confront and deal with his rebellion.

While she is there she learns of a new part of her father’s quest so she embarks on yet another adventure to find her missing parent, but this time it sends her deep into the mountains of Butchok to the city of Dirakul, once the dwarves’ capital but now lost to them.

Not only has she got to find a way through hordes of vicious creatures living in the city, but she has to outwit the machinations of a white elf who is intent on stopping Faer achieving her aim no matter what.