Tony Roberts Author

Beginning the story of Faerowyn on her 16th birthday, this half-human, half-dark elf girl is shunned by her superstitious village and has to fend for herself in a strange and frightening world.

She discovers she has a very important heritage and she embarks on a quest to find her lost father across a land torn with civil war.

Faerowyn departs the warrior training school, armed with her newly discovered magical abilities and swordsmanship, and also the next clue as to where her father might be.

But on returning to Gorradan she becomes involved in the civil war there and has to choose who are her friends and who are her enemies, and they may not be as they seem at first glance.

Returning to her home village, Faer has to not only confront the prejudice of the villagers, but the hostility of the white elves aboard her ship, and to also search for her father’s next clue.

Even when this has been done, she then has to travel to the forbidding Okra’s Tower for the next part of her quest, a place full of traps, hazards and undead determined to add her to their number.

She also will have to deal with one of her party who has a murderous agenda of their own.

The city of Selbis is riven with fear and a divided community, and the factions competing for the throne are ripe for exploitation.

Faer’Owyn, now with some of her long lost father’s people, decides that here is where her bid for power shall begin and embarks on a campaign to conquer the city from within.

With Selbis secured, Faer’Owyn now turns her attention outward to the sea, and her father’s quest.  A band of corsairs on the Black Island took two important family artefacts years ago and her father’s written instructions to her are clear: recover these at all costs.

So along with a selected hand-picked crew, she sets sail on a dangerous mission against a formidable fortress set on a volcanic island.

Faer’Owyn’s authority as head of the House is challenged by one of her father’s old courtiers, so to show she is worthy to lead House Owyn, she has to travel to the lands of Butchok to find this rebel and to exact Dark Elf justice.

This means of course, death, but death comes in many forms and she also has to deal with hostile white elves intent on killing her and taking for themselves what Faer is seeking.

Faer'Owyn's plans to revive the exiled House of Owyn begin with an intention to restore the long-defunct Empire of Narok. To do this she will need to add other kingdoms to her realm, and her first target is the small mountain state of Sibilac, long disregarded by everyone as being too insignificant to bother with.

Taking a small but elite force with her, she intends on conquering her neighbour, risking war with the other kingdoms of the continent of Ukar. But to get to Sibilac she must get her few followers through swamps inhabited by huge monsters, and solve the puzzles of a long-forgotten labyrinth populated with traps and other hazards that would thwart those less skilled than her.

Sent to an ancient land by Jarrod’Owyn, her missing father, Faer’Owyn seeks a long-lost city, hidden, or so it is said, within a dense jungle. She is also hopeful of finding thousands of her father’s people who were left there over twenty years ago after they had fled the dark elf kingdom.

Warned by Keychek that the leader of this missing group may well be a powerful female with a grudge against Faer’s mother for falling pregnant at the hand of Jarrod’Owyn when she had set her sights on marrying him herself, she prepares herself as best she can for the probable confrontation.

The ruined city, Kital, was also fabled due to many hidden treasures, but finding the ruins would be no easy task, especially as nobody appears to want her to find it for varying reasons, and the monsters of the jungle are just another obstacle to her quest to bring her people back to the lands of the dark elves.

With a horde of dark elves at her beck and call, Faer’Owyn can now turn her focus on enlarging her fledgling empire to the detriment of her neighbouring kingdoms.

First on her list is the Kingdom of Chodrak, who possesses the strongest army on the continent of Ukar, but they have never faced a force of thousands of dark elves before.

However, even if Faer’Owyn’s powerful army does succeed in conquering Chodrak, it has plenty of allies along the hostile shores of the continent who will come to its aid in the event of war, a war that the empress will welcome in her quest to create a mighty empire that will enable her to challenge for the throne of the Dark Elf kingdom itself!

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