Tony Roberts Author

The Empire of Kastania may be faced with constant dangers, but the countryside and cities have a beauty of their own.  Enjoy a journey here by watching the images below.

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 The Aester Coast of the province of Makenia, showing the sandy coastlines much loved for its beauty.

 Farmland in Frasia, the heartland of the empire.  Serving the capital, Kastan City, this region is vital in keeping the population of the main city fed.

 Autumn in Bathenia.  This province is renowned for its beautiful scenery, and the forests that coat much of the lowlands near the sea are a good source of wood.

 Winter in Northern Bragal.  Bragal is a harsh, rugged region beset with unrest and revolt, but the countryside is breathtaking in its own way.  You can see three small figures in the centre of this picture, a scene from Empire of Avarice, following Princess Amne’s journey through the region.

 Sunset over Pelponia.  This rocky, mountainous region is often unfairly looked down upon by the more populous parts of the empire, and its native population regarded as country bumpkins with their more conservative values.  The province is rich in marble and stone and contains some fabulous beaches.