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Listen now! Songs from Siren, Stones and The Fallen, and a third from Sirensong, Coming Back

Stones - written by Greg Byron Clarke and Tony Roberts                           

The Fallen - written by Paul Cepek and Tony Roberts

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Katie Long was a bullied schoolgirl with a dangerous collection of allergies.  On her 15th birthday something happened to change her life and propel her towards her dream of becoming a rock star.

Siren charts her formulative years at school from her 15th birthday to the Summer of 1981, and the sequel, Sirensong, charts her story from 1985 to 1990 as the band she has formed begins to unravel under pressures of fame, touring and artistic differences.

Coming Back - written by Paul Cepek, Tony Roberts and Gareth Beck

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Coming in 2018, the third tale in the Siren series - Katie.