Tony Roberts Author

The story of Faerowyn begins on her 16th birthday when her mother dies after a long illness.  The orphaned girl is shunned by her village and is cast out, seeking her long lost father.

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With her new-found powers, Faerowyn returns to war-wracked Gorradan and becomes embroiled in a power struggle between the new king and the old regime.

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Her quest for her missing father takes Faerowyn back to her home village where she reacquaints herself with the people who cast her out.  The quest then sends her deep into a forbidding jungle and an old tower there, inhabited by the dead and deadly traps.

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The city of Selbis gives Faerowyn her first taste of command, and she quickly realises that there is an opportunity in the corrupt city to take power and begin her rise to greatness.

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Now Queen Blade of Selbis, Faerowyn, or giving her dark elf version, Faer’Owyn, sets off to find two lost family heirlooms her father had to hand over to corsairs twenty years earlier.

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There is traitor in the House of Owyn, and Faer’Owyn sets off to Butchok to find him, and also to recover yet another artefact her father left in his flight from the dark elf kingdom of Keria.

With more dark elves under her command, Faer’Owyn feels confident enough to begin to expand her realm, and the small neighbouring kingdom of Sibilac is her first target.

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